Two issues with nested symbols in version 4.4.2 / 4.4.4

First: thanks for the support of nested symbols, it works great so far, still I run into two small issues:

a) I’m in a symbol, add another symbol, change some properties and want top copy this changed symbol => the copy ends up as a group and is not a symbol anymore (happens also w/o changing a property, but I usually change properties on copies). Only the colour indicates the wrong type, so I missed it several times already. => issue on Mac version as well as on Window

b) After updating the symbol, I revert to the wireframe with the “Back to Wireframe” button and my updated symbol “jumps” to another position in the mockup. This is just a display issue, if I select another page and revert, the symbol is back in the position I expect it. Or if I click the original position of the symbol (usually, I remember, where it should be), the symbol “jumps” back again. => issue only on Windows, not observed on Mac

Issue (a) would be nice to have a fix in a next version. Issue (b) is less critical, as it’s obvious, something is wrong and easy to “fix” myself.

Hi there @andi and thanks for the report.

I’ll roll my sleeves up and dig in to this but can you tell me if you’re using Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop on macOS or Windows (or both)?

I use both, as indicated.

Issue (a) is observed on Mac and Windows
Issue (b) is observed only on Windows

And by “jumping”, I mean that the symbol is horizontally and vertically displaced.

Hey Andi,

We are having a heck of a time reproducing either of these issues. Would it be possible to record a video so we can see the steps in-depth?

Attached is a screen recording of issue (a). I don’t know how to create a screen recording on Windows, but I’ll try that as well.

In the attached recording, you see how I enter the symbol, copy a nested symbol and to copied nested symbol is purple, indicating it’s not a symbol anymore. Well… I’m not allowed to upload videos, so I have to mail it.

Thanks @andi - you can send it to

Finally, I have the jumping symbol also on my Mac and screen recording is easy. I’ll send you the recording to the same mail address as the other recording yesterday.

Again, no rush. It’s easy enough for me to work around, but would be nice to have a fix in one of the next releases.

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