Unable to click on the *next* mockup to change slides


In the left-hand “Mockups” panel (as seen in screenshot, in v3.5.15 on a Mac), I can’t click on the mockup below the one that I’m currently viewing. Clicking on it does nothing, or, more specifically, it’s clicking the one above it (which makes it look like nothing is happening). Because, if I double click on the one below the one selected, it asks me to rename the one above it. So, in my screenshot, I’m looking at v1, but I can’t click on v2 to select it or rename it. In order to rename it, I have to click on another mockup (e.g. Today’s UI) and then click on v2. This issue seems to always only affect the slide after the one selected.

Any idea how to fix this? I can always use the keyboard shortcut to go to the next one, but it trips me up and slows me down more frequently than I’d like to admit (usually when trying to rename newly copied mockups.


Hi @grebe,

Thanks for the post. Sorry for the annoyance here - I know it must be frustrating. We’ve seen incidences of this behavior before and it’s normally a temporary issue with the underlying framework on which the desktop app is based - Adobe Air.

It’s a little inconvenient but you can usually resolve the issue by just saving your project, quitting the application completely and restarting it. Can you give that a go and let me know if the problem is resolved or the issue persists?


Interesting - that would answer why I don’t see it all the time, but when I see it, it’s always there. I couldn’t figure out when I wasn’t seeing it, but it sounds like upon freshly opening it.

Def. inconvenient, but I’m so thankful there’s a workaround!


Hi grebe,
I have the same issue on my Windows PC. Try to click on some other mockup in the left panel, and then click on the target mockup again. It should switch then, it works for me.