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Unable to copy mockup since upgrading to 3.2.2?


I tried both Cmd+C and Edit > Copy. Sometimes the menu option is greyed out. I’m using El Cap.

Any ideas?


Hi @anh,

Sorry for the confusion with this.

You can actually copy/paste elements from a mockup to another one, clone directly a mockup (keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N or CMD+SHIFT+N on Mac) or even drag and drop a mockup from a project to another one but the ability to copy/paste a whole mockup hasn’t been implemented yet.

This is something on our radar so I added your vote for this request in our internal tracker, that will help us prioritize it for the future. Thanks for your input! :smile:


Perhaps I used the wrong term. Within a mockup, I make multiple ‘screens’ using the controls. Until 3.2.2 I’d select all the controls in a screen, then copy & paste them elsewhere to 1) either make changes to them or 2) use them in documentation (Word doc).

Now it seems that I only copy controls up to a certain size (width x height). My screens are currently 750x1334 (iPhone 6 resolution) each.


I’ve downgraded to 3.1.1. Indeed copying screens of any sizes works flawlessly. Is this a regression or something intentional?

Hope to use the new shortcuts in 3.2.2 (r and Cmd+T). I’ve tried them out and they worked wonder. For now I have to use both versions: one to create, the other to copy to other apps.


Hey @anh,

Sorry I missed your point in the first place.

I couldn’t reproduce reproduce the behavior you reported as copy/paste (even to another app) works fine here.
Would you be comfortable in setting up a video-call so can go through this together and hopefully resolve it. If so, please let me know whenever you are available via and we’ll set it up!

Working with two different versions is not what we want for you, sorry for the hassle but we’ll get to the bottom of this! :smile: