Unable to copy mockup since upgrading to 3.2.2?

I tried both Cmd+C and Edit > Copy. Sometimes the menu option is greyed out. I’m using El Cap.

Any ideas?

Hi @anh,

Sorry for the confusion with this.

You can actually copy/paste elements from a mockup to another one, clone directly a mockup (keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N or CMD+SHIFT+N on Mac) or even drag and drop a mockup from a project to another one but the ability to copy/paste a whole mockup hasn’t been implemented yet.

This is something on our radar so I added your vote for this request in our internal tracker, that will help us prioritize it for the future. Thanks for your input! :smile:

Perhaps I used the wrong term. Within a mockup, I make multiple ‘screens’ using the controls. Until 3.2.2 I’d select all the controls in a screen, then copy & paste them elsewhere to 1) either make changes to them or 2) use them in documentation (Word doc).

Now it seems that I only copy controls up to a certain size (width x height). My screens are currently 750x1334 (iPhone 6 resolution) each.

I’ve downgraded to 3.1.1. Indeed copying screens of any sizes works flawlessly. Is this a regression or something intentional?

Hope to use the new shortcuts in 3.2.2 (r and Cmd+T). I’ve tried them out and they worked wonder. For now I have to use both versions: one to create, the other to copy to other apps.

Hey @anh,

Sorry I missed your point in the first place.

I couldn’t reproduce reproduce the behavior you reported as copy/paste (even to another app) works fine here.
Would you be comfortable in setting up a video-call so can go through this together and hopefully resolve it. If so, please let me know whenever you are available via support@balsamiq.com and we’ll set it up!

Working with two different versions is not what we want for you, sorry for the hassle but we’ll get to the bottom of this! :smile: