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Unable to create .bmpr file inside a drive folder

Hello There,

I have a couple of project folders inside my drive. Now in order to make a balsamiq wireframe, I tend to create a balsamiq file by navigating to a sub-folder inside my google drive, but the problem is every time it creates the file from our root folder aka “My Drive” folder. This is quite annoying as I have to move these files into my designated folder each time. Am I doing something wrong, or how do I fix this. Can someone help me with this. Thanks

Hey @AbinashM,

Something weird is up here. You should be able to create files in sub folders. But, when I tested it this morning, I was having trouble with it too.

I, unfortunately, was the only person having trouble with it as everyone else was able to do it without issue.

To make matters more confusing, when I created a brand new folder, it worked fine. So I now have a folder where it works, and folder where it doesn’t. And for no good reason.

It likely has to do with permissions as the Google Drive integration defaults to the root folder if it cannot access the folder. With that said, it should be able to access the folder I selected, so the mystery remains.

All that babbling to ask whether or not you see the trouble in all folders, or just a specific one? Would you mind creating a brand new folder, and then try to create a project in it?

I’d also like to know if you see this menu in the folders where it doesn’t work:

Let me know, Abinash. We will do everything we can to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for the help. I faced the same issues, but I will try again tomorrow. I guess something wrong with the server or something.

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Wanted to follow up on this, @AbinashM.

Google has changed something and we are investigating. :slight_smile:

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Oh! Okay. Thanks for the update.

This issue should be fixed now, @AbinashM. Would you mind giving it another try?

Thanks again for the report!