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Unable to drag existing mockup into new project twice


I have created (and saved) a new Balsamiq project, and dragged an existing mockup from another file into this new project, then made modifications to it.

After making those modifications, I want to drag the existing mockup into the project again, but despite having renamed both mockups, it asks me to Skip or Replace.

My workaround is to duplicate the new mockup before replacing it, but this could be easier.


Hey @Ryan,

This is because the mockup ID doesn’t change when copying it between projects. You are not the first person to bring this up recently, so I think it’s worth talking about.

I’ll bring it up to the dev team and see if there is something we can do here.

Thanks, as always, my friend. You are constantly helping us make Mockups better! :slight_smile:


Figured as much

All you really need is a 3rd option on that box to ‘Create foobar(2)’ as per the Windows File Copy dialog.


Agreed. :slight_smile: I’ll add that to the note.