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Unable to export to an APK


I want to export my mockups in the form of an APK. Am unable to do the same via Balsamiq. The feature is available in

We also need to have a way in which we can collapse & open sections of a page. The same is also available in


Hi @klakdawala and thanks for reaching out today.

We don’t have any Export to APK for now but I’ll add this request to our internal tracker so we can discuss it with the team. As always, if others would like to see this, please let us know.

About opening and collapsing sections of a page: this is not something you can achieve in our little tool which has low interactivity on purpose, as detailed here.

That being said, the Linking feature will allow you to link two mockups together if needed, so creating one mockup for each state you want to demonstrate will help to achieve your need.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help! :slight_smile:


For now the closest we can get to an APK is exporting a PDF file with links (and then hope you got the dimensions just right for your demo device)