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Unable to import a cloud project file


A user created a project using the trial online.
I was unable to import this project file - any attempt resulted in Balsamiq quitting suddenly and without any dialog or other indicators.
Is it not possible to use the online and desktop versions of the software together?



Hi @Cberar1,

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble here. You should definitely be able to open a .BMPR project file created in Balsamiq Cloud using Mockups 3 for desktop.

First, can you ensure you’re using the latest version (3.5.17) of Mockups 3:

If you’re using a significantly out of date version, that may explain the issue.

If that’s not the problem, can you email the .BMPR file as an attachment to and we’ll take a look and work out what the problem is, ok?



Thank you for replying. The version I have is 3.5.8 and uses Air Player Version WIN 30,0,0,110

My company has purchased this version for me though I have not received the license key from our purchasing company just yet; thus, it is in trial mode.

I am looking to see how I can upload the project file: Email sent with attachment.