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Unable to load bmml


Hi there, i have a problem with mybalsamiq editor. I see the preview of all my 3 mockups that i have created so far but one bmml is not loading. I always receive an error “unable to load”. Is there a chance to load the bmml again?


Try copying the .bmml file to another location and loading it from there in stead.

May be a file-size issue, otherwise the file may be corrupt :frowning:

Hopefully I understand the ‘MyBalsamiq’ model correctly, otherwise you may simply ignore my ramblings.



Thanks, i found an other solution: i renamed the bmml. Guess the reason was a german Umlaut (ä) in the name that caused the problem. :joy:


Haha. Ja, Umlaute werden wahrscheinlich nicht zählen.



Die guten Umlaute und der Internet Explorer.

The cause is a URL encoding issue. The Internet Explorer uses the encoded URL where we expect a decoded one.
There are two options right now:

  • Renaming like you did
  • Use a different browser

We are working towards a solution that the umlauts do not get included in the url.


Guys! Thanx for that. I was starting to get nervous about this issue… Fortunately I found this page… :blush: