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Unable to move wireframes in navigator

Hi, I have issues reordering wireframes in the navigator. I can start dragging, but moving it between to existing wireframes provides a “confusing UI” and dropping it in a dedicated location does not work.

Is this known already?

I’m using version 4.3.2 on Windows. This version is currently unusable, I have to create new mockups in the correct location and copy all the content from the old wireframe and delete the old wireframe.

Yikes, Andi, I’m sorry about that.

This is how the re-ordering should look on 4.3.2 on Windows. Can you confirm this is what you see as well?
2021-09-27 07-58-11

The black bar indicates where the wireframe you’re moving will land. Is that showing up on your copy?

Hi Brendan

That’s how it used to work for me with older versions. But I have to admit, it’s not a general issue. I had it in two projects yesterday, but not in the one I’m currently editing. I’ll check later for the projects I worked on and report back.

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