Unable to open saved .bmpr

Saved .bmpr file, when trying to open the saved project again, finished loading but freezed in “drawing XXX(file name)” forever…keep trying different ways to fix the issue even uninstall and install the programme, didn’t work…

Sent the same .bmpr file to another device, then use the same vision of Balsamiq and open the same file, it works.

Anyone has the same issue before? Is there a way to fix the problem and make my saved file can be opened on my computer?

Hi, MarinGinn. That does seem unusual. If you’d like to email us support@balsamiq.com with the file, we can see if there’s something wrong with it.

What happens if you make a small change on that file in the other device and then send that back to the original device and reopen it?

It could be that there’s something odd saved in that file’s local store data that could be cleared out in the local DB. If that’s the case, I can get someone from our dev team to suggest next steps.

Hi Mike,

We tried to make some change on the other device and moved it back to my original device, and it was same issue: Freezed in the “drawing” process. I am sending the file to support@balsamiq.com now.

The only differece between my original and secondary computer is the original one is operated with Win8 and the secondary one is with Win7, could that be the reason why?