Unable to open symbols from WireframesToGo.com


I am using the Balsamiq Desktop application version 3.5.5. When I go to the WireFramesToGo site and download a project and attempt to open with Balsamiq so that i can use the symbols in the library, i get a message that “the project could not be opened”.
Any suggestions on how i can open the projects to be able to use the symbols in my own projects. I was attempting to use the following project template. https://wireframestogo.com/4c13-Table-CRUD-Controls/

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi @jtollie,

Thanks for the post! I just checked that project bmpr in the latest version (3.5.15) of the app and it’s opening fine. Looks like your app is a little out of date - would you mind updating to the latest version here:

and let me know if the problem persists? I’m pretty confident this update will resolve the issue - your license data etc. will not be affected by the update, ok?