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Unable to Rename a mockup


When I try to rename a mockup, it seems to have no effect. Is there a workaround?


Hey @jgg! Sorry for the trouble with this.

If you haven’t saved the mockup, it won’t let you rename it because the server doesn’t know about it yet. If you save the project, are you able to rename it then?


Thanks for responding. I definitely had saved a bunch, over several days and multiple sessions. But just now I was able to rename them when “outside” the editor, after hitting “Close”. It then showed thumbnails of all the mockups, with a drop down of commands under each, and rename from there worked. Then I edited, and they are with the names I changed them to. So all good, having fun.

There is definitely some newbie workflow I did that got me into an unable to rename state on two different mockups, but I don’t know what it is.


If you see it again, let us know!

And if you need any help at all, @jgg, don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what we are here for. :slight_smile: