Unable to save projects

I’m unable to save. I just updated to the latest version in hopes of fixing the issue with no success. So, I’m on version 3.59 on a Mac running Sierra 10.12.4. It appears to autosave while I have the program open, but is gone on restart. Save as gives me no error message, but nothing is saved when I go to the folder. Any one else dealt with this recently?

Hey Amber,

Really sorry for this. Are you saving to a networked drive or folder (like Dropbox), or are you saving to your Mac’s physical drive?

The good news is that the file should still be saved in the app’s backup folder

When you get a second, would you mind shooting us an email? It might be easier to troubleshoot this over email.

I’m sorry again for the trouble.

Great. I sent you an email. I’m trying to save to my local drive. The app’s backup folder is empty as well.

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