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Unable to select/rename/re-order certain pages


Hello Everyone - We have a few users on OSX 10.10.5 using Balsamiq 3.2.4 who are running into some issues with their projects.

  • We can’t select any pages in the nav if they’re near the end of the page list. They have to use the arrow keys because the mouse can’t click.

  • When we try to rename files it keeps selecting a different one, I think mainly because we can’t actually select anything.

  • We also can’t re-order the pages in the project.

These issues happen every 10-20 minutes. Everything is fully updated on the OSX machine without any other issues.

Thanks for the help!


Hey @dwill, I’m really sorry about the trouble.

It sounds like your project is causing an run time exception that we have been hunting forever. Would it be possible for you to toss us an email at

Also, if your comfortable with it, we’d love a chance to poke at the project file with you. We wouldn’t share it with anyone else, and delete it as soon as we discovered the problem. Totally understand if that isn’t possible, we can still bugtest via email!

I’m sorry again for the hassle this is causing you, but, with your help, we might finally be able to squash this bug!


Thanks for the fast reply Brendan!

I’ve sent an email to Balsamiq support and attached the file.

Thanks again for the help!