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Unable to select "Use System Fonts" in myBalsamiq


i’m using Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) and when attempting to use system fonts instead of those provided. i go to view in the project and there is no option under it to select system fonts. project information also does not have that option there are only 10 fonts in the listing that can be selected.

whats missing here?


Ahh, sorry about the confusion @JackS. It looks like you’re using Balsamiq Cloud, not myBalsamiq.

In Balsamiq Cloud, you change the font in the project info panel. It looks like you have it open in your screenshot.

myBalsamiq’s “Use System Fonts” was a workaround for the fact that we didn’t have a font selector available. On macOS machines, it would switch the project font to Helvetica. On Windows machines, the font would show up as Arial.

With Balsamiq Cloud, you can actually select a font that everyone will see, regardless as to what OS they are on.

Let me know if that helps at all, my friend.


Thanks @Brendan, my mistake on the name i use the cloud version at work and the desktop versionat home for personal stuff. The font selection is limited to 10 on cloud, none of which are in the font family we use for our application. I’d like it to be more representative so when the frames are presented to Business team we don’t have to keep reminding everyone that the font being demo’d will not be the font actually used.


Makes sense, Jack. We are pulling from Google Fonts, so there are others we could add. Which fonts are you looking for?