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"undefined" text label not possible


I noticed that when I use a text label as “undefined”, it changes into “Some text”. That’s a little annoying as I need to use the string “undefined” in my mockups.


Hi @rueckstiess

Thank you for your report.
I am a little lost because the label control only reverts back to the default text if you remove all the text in the control. If you write “undefined” into the text field it should display the text “undefined”.

Do I miss something vital to reproduce the issue you are seeing? Thanks.


One quick addition here. I think I remember seeing a bug like this in a previous version. If you are using the downloaded Balsamiq for Desktop, you should be able to update and have this fixed. Get the latest version here:

Note that if you were on version 2 before, this will be a big update for you, and you should take a look at the transition guide: If you want to stay on version 2, you can get the latest of version 2 here:

I just tested this out in myBalsamiq, and it seems to be working properly for me:

I’m sure we’ll get it working for you soon!


Hi Ben and Florian,

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried to repro this again and found that it only happens when you save the wireframe and load it again. You must have some validation that checks for “undefined” and replaces it with the default placeholder string.

I’ve made a quick video that demonstrates the bug and uploaded it to my dropbox:

link to video

I haven’t tried out the desktop version yet, I might do that next. I’ve been working with the online tool so far.

By the way: “Undefined” with a capital U works, this has been my workaround :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot! We were missing a crucial step in our tests. The reloading of the project.

We have indeed a check that if a value is of the type undefined. It should ignore the case that the text value is actually “undefined”.
The compare matches and this causes that the text value does not get set in the internal representation of the mockup… So the app displays the default text because it thinks there was no custom text…

We get it fixed.


By the way, I’ve just downloaded the Mac native version of Balsamiq. It doesn’t occur when saving Wireframes, but I did see the same problem when creating a Symbol containing an “undefined” string. Going back to the Mockups view and dragging the symbol into the screen turned it into “Some text”.


I just did another test. If you enter "undefined " then the text does not get replaced with the default text. It is a little workaround for now.