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UNDO to Symbols do NOT work


Balsamiq_Mockups_3.999.396 for Mac OS X


  1. Open a mockup that uses Symbols
  2. Make some edits
  3. Select a Symbol on the page and select “Edit Source”
  4. Edit the Symbol
  5. Go back to the original mockup and notice changed Symbol
  6. Command-Z to UNDO edits in Symbol
  7. Noticed that UNDO, undoes edits on the page, but does NOT undo the edits performed on the Symbol.


Hello @Michael_Yee

Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

We currently have separate undo stacks per mockup and symbol libries. That causes that the undo reverts changes of the mockup instead of the changes that you made to the symbol sources.

We plan to change the mockup specific undo stack to be project wide. To prevent UX issues (an undo getting performed on another mockup) a switch between resources (2 mockups, mockup to symbol) would be an action that gets added to the undo stack.

So your undo in step 6. would first navigate you back to the symbol sources that you just edited.