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Unified PDF and PNG Export

The PDF export options in Balsamiq are very useful and include:

  1. Choosing which wireframes (selecting a subset)
  2. Adding wireframe names

It would be great if PNG export supported a similar subset of options.

At present there are only two options:

  • Export current wireframe
  • Export ALL wireframes

When creating Word documents (specifications) or PowerPoints (overviews, roadmaps, etc.) I often need to get all the wireframes as PNGs to insert into the documents.

My wireframe projects contain three sets of wireframes:

  1. The actual wireframes for the enhancement (those I want for inclusion elsewhere)
  2. Experimental wireframes for parts of the enhancement that may be speculative (those I may not want anyone to see)
  3. A set of “templates” - pre-assembled symbols - that I use as starting points for new interface mockups.

I only want to include the first set of wireframes when exporting to PNG. (I can achieve this with PDF export because the items I want to include are remembered.)


Thanks for sharing your need today, Paul.

I’m adding your vote for this one since you’re not the first person to ask for exporting only a selection of wireframes to PNG.

Have a great weekend, my friend!


YES !!!
I well thought i wasn’t alone in need of that feature.
You can add me in too, Virgin.

While sharing wireframe’s views with collegues, we do not always need to export all the project.

Same case while attaching designs to a user story, e.g. in GitLab, i’m not interrested in expoprting all the frames.

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Add my vote too! Thanks.

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While I consider your proposal useful, maybe (in the mean time) I can hint you to use the clipboard for every-day Office integration:

I used to generate all PNGs each time I do an update and import them by file into Word and PowerPoint. I switched to copying the current wireframe to the clipboard (using Ctrl-Alt-C on Windows) and directly paste them in my document one-by-one.

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