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Unified PDF and PNG Export

The PDF export options in Balsamiq are very useful and include:

  1. Choosing which wireframes (selecting a subset)
  2. Adding wireframe names

It would be great if PNG export supported a similar subset of options.

At present there are only two options:

  • Export current wireframe
  • Export ALL wireframes

When creating Word documents (specifications) or PowerPoints (overviews, roadmaps, etc.) I often need to get all the wireframes as PNGs to insert into the documents.

My wireframe projects contain three sets of wireframes:

  1. The actual wireframes for the enhancement (those I want for inclusion elsewhere)
  2. Experimental wireframes for parts of the enhancement that may be speculative (those I may not want anyone to see)
  3. A set of “templates” - pre-assembled symbols - that I use as starting points for new interface mockups.

I only want to include the first set of wireframes when exporting to PNG. (I can achieve this with PDF export because the items I want to include are remembered.)

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Thanks for sharing your need today, Paul.

I’m adding your vote for this one since you’re not the first person to ask for exporting only a selection of wireframes to PNG.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

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