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Unlimited undo?


I opened a Mockups project where I knew that the mockup was laid out how I wanted it, for another project.

Then, like an idiot, I didn’t copy that to a new project, but forgot to do that and instead started editing it directly in the project I had originally opened.

Before long I had made a lot of changes to the mockup. Once I realised my mistake, I figured I’d use Undo to revert them all, once I had copied out the changes to another project. But it seems that Mockups’ undo stops after a certain number of changes.

For this situation, unlimited undo would be very helpful. Since mockups saves automatically as you work, there’s now no way for me to revert the file to how it was before I started making changes!


Do you use dropbox? If so, you could use that to restore a previous version of the file.


Hey @ahobday! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this and sorry for the hassle.

The undo action shouldn’t be limited by a number of changes (just checked with the dev team to confirm). That being said, the current Desktop version has an undo stack per mockup, which means that you need to undo all actions on each one separately in this case.

This is going to be different in our next major version where the undo stack will cover all the changes made to a project instead.

About your file: did you check you local backups for an earlier version by any chance?
This should help to recover the needed version in your case.

Anything else, we’re here!


I was able to recreate the mockup based on the mobile version of the design, in the end, so no worries about recovering it.

However, if there’s no undo limit, I think I might have discovered a bug. I did notice that Mockups was acting strangely after it stopped undoing.

I think if you hold down Ctrl + Z for a while (I’m on Windows using the Desktop app), then it can cause the application to bug out and not be able to undo any more.

After I closed and re-opened the application, the undo stack was lost, but at the time I had wondered if I had just broken the undo action, rather than reaching the start of the stack!


Thanks for the additional information, @ahobday. I wasn’t able to reproduce it here but it sounds like Mockups 3 may have been caught in a broken state in this case. We’ll keep an eye on this.

BTW, restarting the application does indeed clear out the undo stack.


HI guys,
I just wanted to confirm that I have experience ‘weird’ behaviour when performing many undo’s in quick succession. It has been a while so I’m afraid I cant recall exactly what happened… but ahobday’s experience is similar.



Thanks for joining the conversation @DHD. Please let us know if you identify any reproducible steps and we’ll dig deeper!


Will do!