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Unlock All Feature?


Do you all have an “unlock all” feature in the works?

I find I often group a bunch of elements and then lock them down in place (for example a grid). I’m not planning to have it in the final wireframe, so eventually it has to go. However it’s a tedious process to right click and unlock each element one by one just to move or delete them.

I’d love to be able to select them all and click “unlock” or find a way to keep their “groupness” and unlock the group with the same ease that I locked them.

(This was particularly an issue when I was using the grid behind another symbol - my grid is normally a symbol and thus easier to lock and unlock, but since we can’t put symbols in symbols I had to place the grid lines individually - and then removed them once my symbol work was done).

PS. This may be related/solved by a previous request last May to select locked items with ALT. That would allow me at least to select multiple locked item and unlock them as as a group.


Hi Rae :slight_smile:

We do have an “Unlock All” command in the EDIT menu (or you can use the keyboard shortcut - CMD/CTRL + 3) but that will unlock EVERYTHING on the canvas, which doesn’t sound like exactly what you are looking for.

The ALT story was before my time, so I will give it a nudge and see what’s going on there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for continuing to share your ideas with us, Rae. They’ve been really helpful. :vulcan:


Shows you how much I look in the Edit menus!! Didn’t know that was there, and for a lot of things - that will work.

But yeah - sometimes I want to select and unlock only those items I’ve selected. Thanks for looking into it for me.
Always happy to share!


Hey @Brendan, I was about to suggest adding an “unlock all” feature to the product and then I discovered this post and realised it already exists! Thanks!!!

If only I’d known this sooner, d’oh! :smiley:

Like @RaeHanley, I don’t tend to look in the Edit menus (maybe I did when I was starting out with Mockups, but that was a long time ago).

I suggest that you add the “unlock all” feature to the standard right-click menu. We’ve already got “lock item” and “unlock item” in the right-click menu, so that’s where I’d expect to find “unlock all”.

Mike H


Mike! :slight_smile:

I like that idea. I’ll give it to the folks upstairs.

Thanks, as always, my friend.