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Update fontawesome, status?

I am creating mockups / spec for an embedded device, the developer is using the FontAwesome iconset. Thankfully Balsamiq is also using this, so far so good. But! The balsamiq set is by now fairly dated and misses a lot of the icons.

There was a discussion here back in 2018 about updating to FontAwesome version 5.x. Now, 3+ years and 1 major version of Balsamiq later, still no update. And FontAwesome is now at version 6.

Is there any plans to update your icon library

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Hi @hsatech,

Sorry for the lack of updates on this one. We are still discussing this topic internally because the current Font Awesome version took a slightly different angle (lots of brand icons).

That being said, I’ll definitely add your use case to the discussion. Thanks a lot for sharing your need!


An up to date, full set of FontAwesome icons would be very helpful.

We use FontAwesome icons in our product and it is always helpful to be able to put the actual icons into the UX.

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@Virgin What’s the concerns over including brand icons in there? Some copyright or you want to be as platform agnostic as possible? If the toolset includes those icons, and you are just referencing them - is it really a big deal?

I’ve found myself missing some icons (such as import/export) in my wireframing, so if the library needs to be updated that would be great.

It’s a little bit of that for sure, @dforward. I think, when we last talked about it, the percentage of new icons that were just brand logos was like 60% or something really high. At that point, we are cherry-picking a small percentage of icons with every release, and maintenance becomes kind of a pain.

I’d like to see us do something about this in the next year (especially if folks continue to ask for it hint hint) but it may be that we go back to a homegrown solution… We will see!

Keep the requests coming, though. That is how we prioritize things. :slight_smile:


Plenty of brands in Balsamiq already though :slight_smile: Personally I’d much prefer an icon for “ethernet” instead of Amazon… so a few more brand icons won’t bother me, as long as the search function is intuitive as it is now.