Update notification - closed window closes application while i am working

The notification about updates available is great!

However, if I am working on something and dont want to do that right now…

  • i want to be able to click the “x”-close icon or whatever, and not have the application close down.

Is this a bug or wanted behavior I wonder? Couldnt possibly be wanted, right?
Its not always either?

I have this happened so many times, but this time was the twenthy eleventh and I had to make an account and post about it :slight_smile:

Hi @toranforterro, and sorry for the trouble.

We’ve been trying to reproduce this behavior but didn’t manage to trigger it. This doesn’t sound like the behavior we’re aiming for, indeed.

Let’s try something: let’s update to the latest version (4.7.4) and if the issue occurs again with our next update, could you record a quick screencast and share it via email?