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Updating shared symbol libraries


The recommended workflow for using symbols (and assets) across projects does not encourage maintainability.

Creating a template project and cloning it to share symbols is fine, provided your symbols will never change. Please correct me if I misunderstand, but if I change a symbol in the template project, then that change will not propagate to the projects based on that template.

Changing the symbol in every project is a maintenance nightmare. Is this avoidable?


@kbanman, You’re right, the functionality we had with the account assets feature has changed, and a global assets location is not currently supported.

As you’ve already seen, the change to the packaged file format was a decision intended to put an end the breaking of references to assets when dealing with assets in the file system and improving the overall usability with the basic experience of creating and saving Symbols and knowing that they’ll still work if you move files around, share them. etc. While the account assets feature was a power-user feature, it caused significant problems when people moved things.

At the moment, we’re still exploring the possibilities for making the sharing of symbols and assets work better for that scenario where you want to inherit changes in some master. Thanks for your patience.


hey @Mike,
I’d also vote up for the possibility to improve the sharing symbols and assets, raise both my hands. It would make my life so much easier as i’m working on a template for my other colleagues


That’s excellent. Symbol sharing is the only real wart on an otherwise wonderful tool. Almost feature I’ve interacted with so far has been super intuitive and useful.

My workaround for symbol sharing is currently this:

I put all mocks in a single project so I can share symbols seamlessly. I organize sequences of mocks by name:

"Sequence name - Mock name"

I suppose any scheme could be used, including JIRA or GitHub issue numbers, multilevel heirarchies… Named sequences are good enough for me.