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Upload Mockup Error


I recently created a Project to store all of our mockups in balsamic (webapp). My partner on the project had created a mockup, and he exported it as a .bmml and I am attempting to upload it into the new Project folder.

I’m within the project where I can see all of my mockups, and I select the down arrow next to “New Mockup” and “Upload”. Navigate to his file, select it (again it is in .bmml format) and click “Upload”. But then I get a yellow banner at the top stating “Content is not allowed in prolog”.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. He created his mockup in the webapp as well. I can’t seem to find anything for this error on the site or in the forums so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

We figured it out, he exported it incorrectly was all…


Ahh good, @tleitzke. So you are all set?

Let me know :). We were looking through the logs to figure out what happened :slight_smile: