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Uploading assets to Google Drive Mockups


Hi there, I am new to this, so hopefully someone can help with this question:
I have problems uploading files to assets. I have tried both png and jpg, BM files and RGB colours, a few hundred k and down to 5k.Import from the menu, the plus sign in the picture dialogue box and just to drop pictures onto the canvas. What happens is either a uploading bar with no movement or a new window showing the picture and still nothing happens? What to do?


Hi @Byra_Tusj and sorry for the hassle with this.

While dropping an image onto the canvas won’t work here (because it is a browser-based version), you should be able to add an image from the import menu and from the plus sign in the image properties.

Just a side note here: Importing an image from the Import menu won’t place the image directly on the canvas, it will simply import the asset in your project. The image will be available from the UI Library and from the Quick Add tool.

If the issue persists on your end, could you please reach out directly via and send us the related image file so we can try to reproduce it here?

Sorry again for the snag, we’ll do our best to help!