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Uploading project from Zip causes scaling issues?


After working on a set of mockups in the desktop app, I exported and uploaded a zip file in order to show the client the prototype. However, upon uploading, I discovered that the iPhone container for all of mockups has not scale with the window contents. They are all “unlocked.”

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi @pori,

Sorry for the trouble with this one.

It seems like you have used the new iPhone 6, 7 size in Mockups 3 for Desktop. This new feature is not available yet in myBalsamiq, which is why you see the iPhone size reduced in this case.

You may want to avoid using this iPhone size for now, or at least for projects you wish to move to myBalsamiq. Alternatively, you can use the Full Screen Presentation Mode in Mockups 3 for Desktop or export your project to a PDF to demonstrate your project, your links will still work in both cases.

Hope this helps! The major update that we are preparing for our web version will make all the version 3 goodness available there too. :slight_smile:


I see. It’s a little misleading to have the 6, 7 models as default for the iPhone container. I will scale everything down and give it another go.

Ultimately, I exported to PDF to show the client. It’s not ideal for testing, however. And the presentation mode isn’t exactly portable.

All that said: thank you very much for the help.