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[Urgent] Cannot rename file nor render image in grid view



I am not able to render wireframe image in Grid view nor able to rename any of the file.It is happening for last one day and cannot progress further. ( Using Mybalsamiq)

Please can some one help as my deadline is nearing

Akhil S


Hello Akhil,

I am sorry for the trouble. I had a look at our logs and found some issues with your projects.
Would it be okay if I try some changes there?

Best regards,


Sure You can go ahead and do the changes there.

Let me know if there were any major changes done


Hi Akhil,

Something is really strange here…
I managed to create a copy of the project which renders fine. I just added you and your colleagues to it.

I continue to investigate this. But you can now continue to work on the copy of the project.


Thanks Florian. Will start working on the new copy that you have created