URL to Mockup Generator


I have been out of the Balsamiq world for awhile. There use to be a tool that would take a URL and convert it to BMML file. Does that tool still exists? If not, is there a way to upload a URL and have it converted it to a Balsamiq wireframe?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @LotusJeff,

Thanks for the post. There used to be a (third-party) tool which did exactly what you describe. See: MockGen: From Web Site to BMML in One Click

Sadly, the Mockgen site was discontinued a few years ago and I’m not aware of any replacement or alternative. Let me run this by the team and I’ll get back to you with any ideas but, for now, looks like the trail runs out here…


Frustrating. This was one of the major advantages Balsamic had. You could quickly import a URL to build a mock up. Then edit or extract key elements.


Hey again @LotusJeff,

I talked to the guys here and there is good news! This is something we’re considering. See: Wireframing a Magical New Feature

No timeline yet - as we’re heavily focused on the new desktop apps right now - but, once those are delivered, we’ll be able to get back to improvements and new features like this.


+1 for this feature. Would be awsome !


Hi, Any update on this feature?


Aaron popped into our Slack to ask about this, but I wanted to update folks following this thread as well.

Our focus, right now, is to ship the new desktop apps. As soon as that’s done, we are going back into “feature mode”. We have wireframes for this feature ready, we just need the time to review and implement. :slight_smile: