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Usability: Not obvious how to get rid of overridden properties on Symbol


Usability suggestion: In Mockups 3, I copied a file a co-worker had made as a starting point for my work. I changed the title of the frame in the symbol that underlaid all of the mockups. Some of the mockups reflected the change and some didn’t. I realized (from the message that popped up) that the ones that didn’t had some overrides. However, I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the overrides. Someone had to tell me that the green X in the upper right corner of the “Symbol” area of the Properties panel was the way to do it. Positioning this control on the same line as the phrase “Symbol has overridden properties” or creating a button labeled “Remove overridden properties” would make it more obvious that this functionality exists. Usually an X in upper right corner mean to close a window or pane.


Hey @kgannon,

I think you’re right, we should make that more obvious. I will add that to our feature tracker and discuss it with the team. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!