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Usability Test my Mockups


I have created lots of screen mock ups to demonstrate how pages of our new app will work. Users seem to “get them” when I explain them but I would like to turn these into a prototype so that I can see how intuitive they are and if users really could use them. I have read about “Launch prototype” mode but I’m not sure how to use this feature or if it is right for this situation. I am using the desktop version of the app.

What are other Product managers doing? Or are you using Balsamiq along with another tool to turn mock ups into a prototype?


Hey @Bevan.

The prototyping view is only available on myBalsamiq for right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good way to usability test your Mockups 3 for Desktop mockups.

Exporting your mockups to PDFs will preserve any links that you have created for testing the flow of the app. This is how we test user flow stuff internally, and it may work for you and your team as well.

I’m not sure if folks here have other ideas, but I wanted to chime in with what we use here. :slight_smile:


Thanks Brendan, I didn’t realise that links worked like that. Seems like a good feature. I will give it a try.


At our company we use Balsamiq in conjunction with Invisionapp in order to do interactive prototypes. You can create “Hotspot templates”, in order not to redo consistent links across many pages (e.g. menus), and just apply them to a page.


I would always make menus a symbol, so you don’t have to redo links like that. PDF worked fine in our cases without a need for InVision or any other software.


Thanks both, it’s useful to know.