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Use a Balsamiq Cloud wireframe in my Portfolio

Hello all,

I am hoping to move my career path into the world of product management, and recently took a certification class. During this time I created a clickable protoype in balsamiq cloud that I’m really proud of, and was hoping to use in a portfolio showcasing my abilities.

I’m worried that when I cancel my account, I won’t be able to showcase the prototype anymore, outside of just PDFs or PNGs. Is there any solution for this where I could download the project and still be able to have users navigate through the app?

Thanks for any help and let me know if I need to clarify anything :slight_smile:

Hi @Patrick_Molloy,

Thanks for the post and welcome to our forums.

Simple answer is yes!

Our desktop app comes with a 30-day, full-feature trial. When the trial expires, you (and your users) can still use the app to view wireframes projects, including use of Full Screen Presentation Mode.

Let us know if you have any other questions - we’re here and always happy to help.