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Use a Symbol within another symbol



I would often like to reuse a symbol within another symbol.
It happens to me to have elements that repeat in several functions within the application.
Very often, I create a symbol for a function / a part of a function, to optimize the creation / update of the workflow-mockups.
Having the possibility to reuse symbols within other symbols I would turn the small elements that repeat into independent symbols and the update process would be even more smooth and rapid.
Thank you very much!


Hi @aledis,

Nested symbols are not supported yet in our tool but this feature has been requested already by some users.

I’ve added your vote for this this in our internal tracker. That will help us prioritize it for the future.

Thanks for your input! :wink:


Hello, please add a second vote in your tracker for me. :wink: I know this feature from Axure and it is extremly useful! Regards Sebastian


For me too!


For mee too.


Please add a vote for me too. It’s very useful, this is implemented in Adobe XD and works as a charm. Very useful to extend an existing frame with more details e.g. for a specific application module that can then be reused across the module.