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Use browser's back and forward functionality

I started with Desktop 3, then went to Cloud, now using Google Drive (as the company I’m consulting for uses G Suite). When I was using Cloud I found when I was on a large project (lots of wireframes, e.g. 60), and I would be working between wireframes it was really great to user the browser’s back and fwds buttons to quickly navigate. This was waaaay quicker than looking through my list of wireframes and trying to identify and click on the one that I was recently on. Now that I’m using Google Drive I’m sad to see this does not have that ability. Unlike Cloud in Google Drive each wireframe does not have its own URL, so there’s no back and fwds.

I’d like to propose this as a feature for the Google Drive product.
Besides the great usability, it probably is a good idea to have an URL for each wireframe for a host of other good reasons.

Hey Christopher,

Thanks for posting about this, my friend, it’s a solid suggestion.

It’s something we would like to do, but because of the way Google Drive Apps are set up, it would require a lot of refactoring (it’s a lot easier to do when you control the whole stack as we do with Balsamiq Cloud).

With that said, I’m going to write up a story for it, and we can talk about it. If other folks would like to see it, please like this comment, or add a reply below. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your post, Christopher!