Use desktop mockups 3 to open drive bmpr


I have purchased the desktop version, mockups 3, and want to be able to click on drive files and open them in my desktop. I’m told this is possible, but all I see is an option to install the drive app in a 30 day trial. How can I use my desktop mockups 3 to open drive bmprs without downloading and uploading the bmbpr?


Hey Michael,

There isn’t a way to automatically log into your Google Drive account to upload and download BMPRs yet - but we are working on it.

One thing you could do is install Google Drive for Desktop and sync your files through that. Just make sure you disable autosave in Mockups 3 for Desktop.

Sorry if you were mislead by something you read, Michael. I’d be more than happy to get that purchase refunded if you aren’t happy with the app. We don’t want you to feel stuck (or tricked.) :slight_smile: