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Use of ⌘+Enter for Text Conversion and Commit


Using the same key combination - ⌘+Enter for converting between line/para and then using the same combination for committing text entered in para is not only confusing, it is just retarding the text workflow in a big way. I can understand the situations where this may be needed, but should have been done with another key combination so as to add to what exists, not obscuring the current functionality.

Please do something about this. It’s a big drag as of now.


Hey @harjeetgulati,

We have been talking about this recently and we are considering changing the transform shortcut to “ALT+ENTER”. That way, both “ENTER” and “CMD+ENTER” would complete the edit of a single line text control.

I added you vote for this one too to help us prioritize it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this, as always. :smile: