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User flow chart


It would be great, if there would be some easy way how to create user flow chart - something like this

It could be fully automatic - simply put miniatures of all mockups on single page and create line using links, that are defined in the at each object and autoupdated when anything on any mockup is changed as you do on muckup navigator panel. End then you could just move/resize/hide … the miniatures at your wish, add own extra lines or comments etc.


Hey Tomas!

This is definitely something we can talk about when we start looking into the artboard feature. I’ll add it to the list!

Thanks, as always, my friend :slight_smile:


please add my vote to this (similar request: Feature Request: Generate UX map based on linking mockup)


This would be a super add and make it easier to see that each page goes to where you would like it to go.


Please add my vote! I would like to have it! :slight_smile:


Add my vote! Really, we need objects linked with lines!


Hi guys,

Just wanted to share my experience of creating screenflows for mobile. Probably this will help you, untill Balsamiq implements the native feature.

  1. I design an app’s screens within a single mockup. I treat a screen as an artboard. About 40+ 360×640 screens can be placed on the same mockup

  2. I group all the elements within screen, so I can move/copy/delete an artboard in a single click

  3. I design screen variations (alternatives) on the dedicated mockups and then insert it in a main mockup, where screenflow is pictured

  4. I number each screen to refer to these in the screenflow. Short screen name is usefull, too. To code screen’s state, I add a symbol to it, e.g. (10), (10a), (10b). In documentation I use textual representation of the screenflow, e.g. (1)→(2a)→(5)…

  5. I use arrows to connect the screens. If the target screen to is too far from the current one, I use a short arrow with reference number of target screen instead, see the image below: screenflow2

  6. I send a screenflow as a PNG image and textual documentation to a customer, so they can assess these and give feedback.

I have been following this process for a number of projects and it works! The entire screenflow can be quite big, as pictured:

Currently Balsamiq has limited mockup dimentions, so placing more artboards becomes tight. Hopefully, the coming-soon native Balsamiq Mockups version will solve this issue.


You can check the new canvas dimensions in the new cloud app:
The canvas size is not infinite but has improved a lot:

new size: 10000x10000 pixels
old size: 4056x4056 pixels


Thank you, @heringsfilet!
I tried and liked the improvements of the cloud app, but my trial has expired. I have a licence for desktop version only ).


I am voting for it also …
It seems to be really needed to have a full global view of the flow and to be able to see all the screens linked to eachothers like in, for example,

When this fonctionality will be released ? Without it, it seems really difficult to developp a real full smartphone application

Thank you in advance for your answer


We don’t have a plan for this yet, @TEMPE, but knowing that you’re looking for it as well is super helpful.

As soon as we have news, I’ll post it here.


Thank you for your quick answer… but you should have a plan for this kind of functionality… Your application is really good to specify mockups, one of the best I have seen (fast, simple, complet and efficient)…

But you really have to understand that this functionality is really needed. How do you want to manipulate a complet application with tens of screen if your are not able to have a complet view of the links between all the screens ?
This lack could really be a reason to quit Balsamiq for another application like

Once again, thank you for your work