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Using icons - search icons

I added an icon with name into my wireframe. Under icon search, I want to add a “street map” icon to this icon. This icon is not displayed under the search.

I am able to add a street map as an object into the wireframe but not as an icon into an icon :slight_smile:

Any idea?

Weird, @simple45. I’m sorry about that.

What was the format of the icon you added? Was it just a JPG image?

If you open the Icon Library do you see anything at the bottom in the “Assets” category?

Let’s start there, and we can dig deeper once we have a better idea of what’s going on.

I am not adding my own icon.

I am on the inspector view. The empty icon is selected. Go to Icon section. Do a search. Searching for “street map”. Not able to find it.

Ahh I see.

There isn’t a street map icon, but if you find an image of a map you like, or you want to take a screenshot of our map control, you can add that image to your project. Once you add an image to a project, it will show up in the asset section of your icon library as well.

All images can also be icons. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that makes sense.

Then, why I am able to get it from the icons menu?

I’m sorry, @simple45, I’m not seeing a street map icon in the UI library.

I see the Address Book is highlighted. Is that the icon you’re looking for?

Sorry. Mt mistake. It is under Big not under Icons.

How can tell Balsamiq to add this object as an icon to the list of icons?

That’s an easy fix. :slight_smile: All you have to do is import this image (you can just drag it onto a wireframe and then delete it - it will stay in your asset library).

Once you do that, the map will show up in your icon library.

Where is this import functionality that will import an object from “for example the big Category” to the icons category?

I know how to add a steert map to a wireframe but how to convert this street map to an icon?

There isn’t a way to do that in the app @simple45. If it’s in the “big” category, it means it’s coded differently (even though it just looks like an image).

The image I shared is just a screenshot of our map control. If you import that into your project, it will show up in the Assets category, and also in your icons.

“If you import that into your project” : how ?

Again, where is this import functionality you are talking about?

Oh sorry, @simple45, you can just save that screenshot I posted to your computer, and then drag it into the project with your mouse.

Or you can go to File > Import > Assets… and select it there.