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Using Mockup Images in Actual App being coded


I am considering setting up Sharing via Dropbox between a developer and myself during development. I will be developing graphics, and will be providing to the developer. But first, I will be placing the actual graphic (in it’s actual resolution to be used in the final application) into the mockup to see how it looks.

Now, with the graphic inside the mockup, and on Dropbox, is there anyway for the Developer to go into Balsamic and (1) export the graphic from the mockup at the same resolution that it was loaded into the Mockup? (2) is there anyway to do this simply without having to do an entire asset dump?

The reason for all this is so that, at least at this stage, I would not have to supply the developer separate files, etc., and track. Bottom line would be that whatever is in the mockup is the graphic.

I do understand that there will could be different variations of a given graphic depending type of phone, etc. However, I still think it would be convenient to simply have them extract the graphics as they are placed in the mockup as a review/sharing mechanism (e.g., simply dragging and dropping a graphic out of the mockup onto the Developer’s desktop).

EDIT: I did a quick test and it seems that the graphics are getting resized anyway. So the export files (via export BMML) are smaller than the originals so would not be appropriate for App usage (unless there was a feature to maintain the original image). Perhaps all this gets off BM’s current path a bit too much.


Hi there,

Good to hear from you again @radiator and thanks for getting in touch about this.

You’re right, images/assets can potentially get resized depending on their size. We implemented this behavior to try and help reducing the Project file size.

To your questions:

  1. Not really, the file might have been resized (especially if high resolution)
  2. From the Assets view, you can download each asset separately via the “Save to Disk” option in the context menu. More details here:

Just a side note about sharing the file via Dropbox: we strongly recommend to keep a local copy of the file, especially while working on it to avoid any issues.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts about this, please let us know if you need anything else.


Oh, this is probably already answered elsewhere, but are assets from Balsamic Mockups library allowed to be used in commercial applications?


Hey @radiator,

For the use you are describing, that sounds fine.
Here is an FAQ we wrote that should help:

Happy Wireframing!