Using more than one Font


Is there a way to set different text elements on a mockup to use different font styles? I have the Font set at the project level, but can’t find a way to change it for single elements.


Hey @karlasf

Because Mockups is meant to be a low fidelity tool, we only allow for a single font across the whole project. With that being said, I will bring let the team know this is something you would find useful, and we can discuss if it’s something we should look into adding.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know you’d like to see this. Please let us know if you can think of any other things Mockups is lacking :slight_smile:


Is there a way to switch from the default comic sans? I am on the latest version of Mockups 3, and have the Project Information panel, but I can only change size and format (bold, italic), no actual font.

I also don’t have the systems setting within my View dropdown. Any other places to look?


That really strange, @ewarren. I’m sorry about that.

I wonder if the project information panel is actually hiding on you. Sometimes it gets stuck behind the property inspector. If you hit CTRL + , (CMD + , on OSX) does the panel show up. It should look like this:

Let me know if you are still seeing something different. Definitely want to get to the bottom of this! :slight_smile:


It is completely understandable that Balsamiq wants to maintain a hard line between “prototype” and “bit perfect” products

However, as this product continues to evolve and competitors emerge, enabling users to have more control as to where they make that “line in the sand” probably makes sense. Having the ability to assign a font to a text block would seem like a relatively simple addition, and would add a lot of visual richness for headers and footers.


Hey @sdwarwick,

Good to hear from you again. :slight_smile:

I’ve added your vote for this request to help us measuring the need for it. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, it’s always super helpful!

Please let us know if you’d like to see anything else added to the tool, we’re here to help.


In creating software, everything in the design ultimately has to be solved. So question then becomes “who is going to solve it?”

Design Considerations

In developing software, the following has to be done, in some capacity, by someone.
A) dream it,
B) define it, and
C) physically create it (code it).

The questions is where you insert yourself in the process, and where does the coder take over.

The amophic design approach can easily take you through Part A. But they cannot take you through Part B, at least not completely. And on sites like Upwork, finding developers that can perform part C is a lot easier than finding developers to do Part B and Part C, or at least a lot cheaper.

My position is that the further Balsamiq’s tool take the defining and decision making of the software design out of the hands of the coders, the better. And while it would be wonderful to live the dream of clicking one button and have Balsamiq generate the final Xcode, something as simple as font selection is something that I feel is personal to the application, and is one thing most people mocking up their apps can get their head around. Seems to me it is a waste of time to have a volley of terribly developed IPA files where the fonts were poorly selected by the developer because they could not figure out the mockup fonts (arguably due to incompetence or laziness… yes you get what you pay for).

Here is some real-world feedback after I provided them “strong guidance” after their second “way off the mark” try at properly recreating the presented mockup.

In general, I have found that the less I leave to the coder’s imagination (i.e., the closer I can get to the the one-button-to-create-final-Xcode), the better. Being able to specify the exact font, look and feel, results in my receiving the exact font, look and feel. I should not have to debate with the coder about such a simple, ubiquitous thing.


Makes a lot of sense, @radiator, thanks for taking the time to post that. I’ll make sure that your post gets folded into our conversation about this! :slight_smile:


I also agree this would be really helpful, to allow us to use less tools throughout the development process


This would be a fantastic addition. Even the ability to to choose a piece of text and then select between the versions of a font within the font’s family would be amazing.

Ex. Set the default font as Segoe UI, then be able to choose which text is Segoe UI Bold (already available) Segoe UI Semi-bold, Segoe UI Light, etc.



I would like to be able to select between a proportional font and a fixed-width font for an element. I have a mockup where I’d like to show plain text in a list and a fixed-width would show that better.

Thanks for listening!


Please add free font sizes, predefined font sizes are causing limitations while designing layouts. Also while adding text in a button, the text in the lower line is not visible. If the text is longer than the length of the button maybe it can automatically be visible in the lower line.


While we have predefined sizes in the inspector, you can use the {Size} notation to use any font size you would like. Does that help, @Ninad_Aundhkar?

And I see what you’re saying about the button as well. I will pass that back to the team, and we will talk about it. :slight_smile:


Is font style now a feature? That aside, I noticed I had to put in a command for text wrapping and I´m working on a Scandinavian keyboard, so the first character is not accessible via keyboard - will text wrapping become an option as well?


Hi @Chicago1955 and thanks for reaching out!

You can indeed choose the font for your project from the Project Info Panel.

About the issue you mentioned, could you please share a screenshot or screencast maybe? We’d love to make sure we understand your need and see what we can do to help.

Feel free to reach out via if you prefer.


Wow, quick response- thank you!

Screen shot - I must add, \r, for the text to go to another line, wrapping text is not an option.


Sorry for missing it in the first place @Chicago1955. I’ve added your vote for this request.

In the meantime, you may want to use the Shape control instead, since it already behaves this way.

Anything else, we’re here! :slight_smile:


This would be helpful when you’re showing code. For example, if I wanted to show an embed code for my service, it would helpful to have it a monospace font.