Using more than one Font

I’m sorry that you feel that way, @Binit_Ekka.

We go back and forth on this all the time, and we always end up at the same result: we don’t think that font decisions should be made during the ideation phase of a project.

Totally understand if you disagree with that. I’d recommend checking out Invision or Figma. While I haven’t used either myself, they may offer more font options.

I’m sorry for any frustration we have caused you, and thanks for understanding, my friend.

I totally get that Balsamiq is a wire-framing tool and not a design tool, but did you guys have to pick such a hideous font for the thing?

I’m sorry that you don’t dig it, @Carlos_Granados. We wanted to design a font that matched the sketch-like aesthetic of the app.

The good news is that, if it’s bugging you, you can change the font in the Project Info Panel.

Let me know if that helps, my friend. :slight_smile: