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Using Project Templates

Is this applicable in the desktop version?

If yes, I am looking where and how to create a project folder?

Hi @simple45,

There’s no reason you can’t use this approach with the desktop app - Mockups 3 or Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop. Indeed, I believe this article was written with Mockups 3 in mind but the basic approach is the same - we’re really just talking about using saved, minimal projects which contain a base set of controls you might use across multiple projects.

In this context a ‘project folder’ is just a folder or directory on your hard disk. You can create a new folder in macOS by right-clicking in Finder and choosing New Folder and in Windows by right-clicking in Windows File Explorer and choosing New > Folder

Let us know if you have any other questions, ok?

Thanks Alasdair,

You are saying that it is only like coping a bmpr file into a new one and modifying the new one? just like we do with any otheer tool? is not it?

If yes, what is the template concept that this article is talking about?

Effectively, yes - you’re creating a base project which contains common components (e.g. assets, Symbols, wireframes) and using that as the basis of new projects. That is the ‘template’ concept.

Looking at that document, @simple45, it was created before we standardized our apps on using the .BMPR format which bundles all assets into a single file. As such, creating a ‘template’ project using Balsamiq Cloud and Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop is much easier as all the assets, etc. that you might like to include are all in one place (i.e. a single BMPR file).

We’ll take a look at updating, or perhaps just removing that document, as it’s out of date and could be a little confusing. Apologies if that’s the case here. Let us know if you have any other questions?