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Using rectangles to hide stuff from images

Hi there,

I am a product manager and I am using Balsamiq to create rough mockups for our designer to work with. Sometimes I need to provide feedback on an existing design or base my mockup on a screenshot. In those cases I frequently find myself adding blank white rectangles to hide stuff on the screenshot so that I can clean it up and add my own elements on it.
You can see the workflow in this loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Do you think there’s a better way I could work? Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you!

When you’re dealing with screenshots (and not the original Balsamiq file), I think what you’re doing is the best workflow.

However, we are working very hard on our screenshot → wireframe feature, and hope to have that done this year. Once that is released, it should be much easier for you to make changes when your designer sends you a screenshot. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it, thank you!

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This is the technique I use as well.

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