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Using special characters in labels, text inputs, and text areas



I’m trying to use an ampersand in a text area and it keeps resulting in underlines. While I appreciate being able to format the text using special characters like *, _, and &, how would I go about actually using those characters as, well, characters?

I had to screenshot an ampersand, save it as a .png, and throw it in as a picture, which got a bit tiresome by the fifth ampersand. Any ideas on how I can avoid this?


Hi @The1Bill,

Thanks for the post - it’s a good question,

As you’re finding, when using our inline text formatting, the ampersand character denotes underline.

You can tell us to ignore the formatting and just make an ampersand an ampersand by ‘escaping’ it i.e. precede the character with a backslash. So this:


renders as this:


Get back to me with any questions, ok?


Excellent! Thanks for the fast reply! I figured that there was something like that - I tried the ’ beforehand, such as one would do in Excel if leading with an equals sign (or other mathematical symbol) that was not meant to be the start of a formula.