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Using Symbol from Library A in Library B doesn't work



I use a couple of symbols from library A (“Google Material Design Symbols” from the market place) in my mocks.

Then I recognized that I need to use a specific set of text inputs multiple times.

Then I tried to be a good boy and copied that group of symbols over into a new symbol library (which I have created) in order to create a new symbol.

Problem: The symbol could not be loaded inside library B (“Site symbol not found”).

Both symbol library’s are on the site level.

Thanks for any advice.



Hey Martin!

This may be a problem that is easier to solve over email. If you have a moment, can you shoot us an email to

I’m sorry for the additional step, but we will get to the bottom of the this :slight_smile:


Hey Brendan,

sure. No prob. I’ll send the email right away! :rotating_light: