Using the same tree view in multiple wireframes?

Hi Everyone:

I have searched, but I suspect I am not searching using the correct term. Maybe someone has a solution?

I have a tree view in about 10 different wireframes. Is there a way to update all the tree views in each wireframe at the same time? Right now, I am copying/pasting but it’s a bit tedious, so I wasn’t sure if I could create 1 tree view and have it in separate wireframes so if I edit 1, it changes in all the wireframes?

Is that possible?

Thanks in Advance?

Hello @gsmithmme and welcome!

The answer is yes! You can create a Symbol containing the control(s) you need. You can then add that Symbol to multiple wireframes and, if you edit the Symbol source any changes will be immediately reflected in any wireframes using the Symbol.

Take a look at that link and, if you have any questions or maybe need a quick demo, get back to us here and we’ll take care of you.

Awesomesauce! That is exactly what I needed, and I now see the real power of that function.

Thanks so much!