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Using Wireframes as Final UI!


I’ve used Balsamiq Mockups to design UX for a business app. Surprisingly, I like the wireframes produced by Balsamiq very much and think of using them as actual UI for the business app! Of course I’ll do some changes, such as using a different font and icons, but the screens’ layouts and colors will be the same.

Has anyone done this before? How was the endusers reaction? Also, is using mockup graphics in final products permitted by the Balsamiq’s user agreement?

Thank you


Hi Tech,

Balsamiq lacks some features for hi-fi mockups, still in some cases it’s totally OK to design detailed mockups in Balsamiq and implement these in HTML. Of course, you need to fine-tune your HTML: line heights, gradients, animations, responsive layout, etc.

So your way is OK, I personally did it before ).


Thank you Alexey. I’ll do it then :slight_smile: