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UX of the message "All changes autosaved"

Having the “File > Auto Save Every Change” option activated, whenever pressing Ctrl+S (or clicking “File > Save Project”), a toast notification appears bottom right:

All changes autosaved.

Since years, I get confused by this message. I am constantly asking myself what this message actually means:

  • “Your changes were already autosaved”?
  • “We just saved your changes, after you pressed Ctrl+S”?

To me, this is bad UX, since I’m constantly pressing Ctrl+S despite the fact that Auto Save should be enabled.


Rename the message to something like

Your changed were already saved, because auto-save is enabled.

Or remove the message altogether.

Hi there @UweKeim and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the message.

I discussed this briefly with the team and can confirm that the intent of the message is the former i.e. Your changes were already autosaved

But I can see how it may be a little confusing given the brevity of the message. I’ll write this up for internal tracking and we can always take a look at rewording it.

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