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V3.0.2 implicit loss of functionality when exporting to PDF


Hi, I maintain a linked mockup of my web application that currently runs to a couple of hundred screens.
So there are two main use cases:
a) export the whole project into a PDF to give an overview of how the whole application fits together
b) export a subset of the slides with an additional title slide - typically when I want to update a section or am seeking approval, etc.

In 2.x the export would only include those files that were open, and I could re-sequence them at will.
After importing all the mockups I can do a) but not b) - any suggestions?

BTW - the BMPR file ends up ~7Mib - a little big for emailing to people?



Hi @dawnofclarity, you are correct, right now in B3 there is no way to only print a subset of mockups. We are planning on merging the export to PDF dialog with the Print dialog, and to let you select a set of mockups to export/print. We’ll get there, but I’m not sure how long it will take.

In the meantime, a workaround is to open the PDF (on mac, for instance, with Preview) and delete the pages you don’t need before sending them, or only drag some pages from one PDF to another, whichever is quicker.


Hi @peldi, Yes, that would do the trick…

However, food for thought, what would be more beneficial for me would be the ability to “nest” projects… That way I could mock up each functional unit as it’s own small project, then include them together to make the over all views as required.



Hi all. I have Balsamiq Version: 3.0.8. That workaround does not work for me since I use balsamiq at work and I do not have any PDF Edition program (nor the right to install/buy one). I have just the pdf viewer, where I could not delete the extra pages. It would be nice that you implement for further Balsamiq versions this selective pdf export option, I think it makes sense. In my version I have only the two radical options: export only one mockup (the current one) or all. No way to export only a selection of mockups of my project.
Thanks in advance.



Hi Rosa, thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is definitely on our list for the future. Sorry you can’t do it right now! If you have access to a Mac, you can use the built-in (and free!) Preview application to remove the extra pages. I know many companies only have Windows computers though.


Hi Ben. Thanks for your contribution. I am sure Apple would be very happy with your answer XD Unfortunately at my company we work only with Windows and Linux, no money for Mac, so I will wait for the future versions with the feature. The only solution I found out at the moment is to create a new project and to copy the mockups I want to export as PDF. However when I do this, the links between the mockups for some reason are broken and they do not work anymore, though the name of the mockups are the same and I did not change anything. Thus I have to go manually through all mockups and set again all the links : / Maybe that happens because I copy each Mockup one by one, but I did not find how to copy several mockups within the same copy action. Any ideas?




Ugh, sorry Rosa! I do have a better idea in this case. Do Save Project As to save a copy of the whole project. Then trash the mockups that you don’t want included, and then export. The nice thing is that they will be in the the Trash, so you can restore them after. You could even use that technique to export different subsets by trashing some more mockups, exporting, then restoring the mockups and trashing different ones. Just to be safe, I would do that on a copy of your project though.

The reason that the links break even with the same name is that they are not handled by mockup name in v3, but rather by id. That makes it much faster and easier while you are working in the same project, but also means that you can’t pull things over one at a time and have them work properly.

Hopefully that workaround will get you by for a little bit!


Ok Ben. Thanks I will try that :slight_smile:


Hi all, this is ready for testing at - let us know what you think!