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Variables for labels


Is there a feature coming up where we can create a set of variables to use across various pages for text? Sort of like symbols for a group of items, but one for text. Only difference is the text variable will retain whatever styles/size, color you give it on that page. For example: sometimes my wireframes have 5-20 pages. I have a label used throughout the pages, but down the line, I need to rename that label (product name, or feature name, etc…). there’s no easy way of doing this without going into each page/symbol to make that change. most of the time i have various styles depending on where this label is used. Just like {mockup-name} used for page title, it would be nice if we have a variables area that lets us make our own custom variables


Hi @jjy

Thanks for the post. I understand what you’re describing and it’s a great suggestion.

A lot of people would use Symbols to implement this but I understand that may not work for your use case, especially if the text in question is variable but specific to, say, the wireframe name or, as in your case, the appearance needs to change.

This is a problem which also might be solved by a suitably-specced search and replace feature which, for now, we don’t offer.

I’ll write this up and file it for engineering so that we can formally track it. I’ll continue to think about this and, if I can think of a practical workaround, I’ll post here, ok?