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Version desktop vs version Cloud

Hello Balsamiq team,

Can anyone point me to the differences between Balsamiq cloud and Balsamiq desktop ? What can I do in one that I will not be able to do in the other?

Hi there @simple45 and thanks for the question.

Taking a step back, the core editing experience - that is creating wireframes, adding controls to the canvas, importing images, linking, Symbols, etc. - are effectively identical between the Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop and Balsamiq Cloud.

With Balsamiq Cloud, because your projects are web-hosted, it’s easy for us to offer features which allow you to easily share your projects with other editors and reviewers via a URL. As such, collaborative editing is a popular feature of Balsamiq Cloud and one which, if you are using Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop to edit local (i.e. on your hard drive) projects, isn’t available in the desktop app.

Balsamiq Cloud also offers Image Links i.e. you can create a live link to an image of your wireframes for sharing.

The two versions are also priced differently - the desktop app is a one-time license purchase whereas Cloud is a monthly or yearly subscription.

Is there something specific you’re looking to do? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer any questions on this, or any aspect of Balsamiq Wireframes.

Adding to that question…

Is it possible to build a wireframe on Desktop, then upload the file to Cloud for sharing?

Hi @David_PR,

Yes, you can totally upload any BMPR file created in our Desktop product to Balsamiq Cloud.

You can also access Balsamiq Cloud projects from Wireframes for Desktop, as detailed here.

Any questions, we’re here. :slight_smile:

Thank You, Alasdair!